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The Aedis Network is a full service, real estate services community designed to assist clients in multiple market areas seamlessly. With the recent significant advances in technology, and with changes in workplace environments, it is now a reality to work, live and invest abroad.

Our goal is to bridge these changes with, not only real estate transactional functions, but also to provide advice and help for clients to find and the best possible investment that benefits their finances and well being.

The Aedis Network is the implementation of the concept of a full service real estate services company, which has been attempted and delivered by many companies over the decades.  We have conducted appraisal services, trading services and management for the last 14 years and now, having brought our systems and knowledge to a higher level, strive to bring these together for the consumer.

As we expand geographically, we are also working to merge our services and create new ones that can benefit you, the owner or lender of real estate.

We currently have five special projects under research and development that we will be launching in the next six to 18 months. We also expect more to follow as things become more exciting in this evolving landscape. There is no question that the innovations and developments in technology are helping to facilitate our research and as it advances, so will we.

Throughout 2021-2022 our focus has been to build partnerships and connections, not only in Canada but also in the United States and Caribbean so that we can provide the best global solution for your investment needs.

Jason Upton

Thank you

Jason Upton

Founder And President

The Aedis Network

Here are our three different companies click on any of them to find out the services we offer.

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