Job Of A Lifetime – Chief Candy Officer – Pays $100,00, Must Eat Candy Galore Daily

The Question – Should I Apply

Dream job, pays big bucks, the company is serious, anyone over five can apply.

Sounds to good to be true?

Well – it’s true.

Candy Funhouse, Canada’s largest online candy store – 367 different candies – wants to hire a chief candy officer.

It pays well -$100,000 a year, you have to love candy, daily you will be required to eat lots of it, give it a thumps up or thumbs down.

Your candy likes or dislikes will help shape the company’s decision on which candies will get the green light – ready to be offered and shipped to customers all over Canada and the United States.

The company first posted the job on LinkedIn, a business social media site, that specializes in job searches.

Interested in applying?

Here are the details.i

Job Description:
We are looking for the world’s first and only Chief Candy Officer! This opportunity is work-from-home with the option to work out of either Toronto, Canada (Canadian Residents) or Newark, New Jersey (American Residents), paying up to $100,000 (Canadian) annually to lead the “FUNhouse” Candy Strategy. This includes approving all candy in inventory and deciding whether or not to award each treat with the official “CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Stamp of Approval”.

But be prepared to wait to find out if you made the cut. The company posted this:

Due to high volume in Inquires Regarding the CCO position, our response time is currently delayed.

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