White Noise – The Amazing Business Growing By Leaps And Bounds

White Noise

White noise is defined as – noise that contains all frequencies across the spectrum of audible sound in equal measure. 

And now that we have the definition out of the way, rather than go on and on about it, let’s do this.

Let’s listen to some white noise first.

Okey dokey – but how do people make as much as $280,000 a year from this stuff?

A great question.

Here is the skinny as to the – Why.

It’s simple – in today’s fast-paced society people are frazzled, worn out, get depressed, feel anxious, can’t sleep.

Here are some stats to indicate the scope of the problem.

A 2020 global survey on people’s sleeping habits indicated more than half of the world’s population is not satisfied with the quality of the sleep they are getting. Factors such worry and stress were cited as the two main reasons.

More than 25 per cent of all Canadians get less than seven hours of shut-eye nightly, compared with the recommended eight hours s night by health care professionals.

In the U.S. that number is slightly more than 35 per cent.

Lack of sleep can lead to serious health issues such as heart attacks and cancer, to mention but a few.

Bloomberg News reported that white noise podcasts were gaining traction on Spotify, the musical sharing and podcasting company.

“While the top of the podcast charts on Spotify and Apple are still dominated by garrulous, jawboning hosts, these days you can also reliably find a smattering of white noise shows appearing in the mix. Relatively new to the podcast scene, the tranquil programs haves names like  “Calming White Noise,” “Best Noise Labs,” “Relaxing White Noise” and “Deep Sleep Sounds.”

In fact, some white noise podcasters were making as much as $18,000 (U.S.) a month.

“To date, the major podcast networks have yet to pile into the field, leaving independent creators to serve the growing market. Curiously, at time when most podcasters clamor for public attention, the white noise podcast creators remain a relatively tight-lipped group. Requests to speak with multiple shows, even those with a contact form, were declined or went unanswered. In one case, the name of a website’s owner was hidden— its host was listed, improbably, as “Earth.”  

”Though Spotify appears to have stumbled into the demand for white noise podcasts, the shows arrive at a time when all the networks are looking for new hits and are courting a wider array of creators. Last year, Apple Podcasts introduced subscriptions ahead of Spotify. Meanwhile, Amazon.com Inc is investing in meditation and other wellness-related podcasts that will be exclusively available through Amazon Music.”

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