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A Game Changer – Aedis Offers A New Instant Appraisal And Scheduling Tool

Our New Fast Appraisal Scheduling Tool

We are pleased to announce a dependable tool for you, the broker and public, to make faster decisions and improve your deal speed.

Aedis Appraisals Ltd. now offers an instant quote tool online with booking capability.  

This link is available and valid for all residential and commercial properties in BC and Ontario.

You only need to know the general location of the property and a little detail such as house size (ok to estimate) and number of living units. You will get an instant quote. If you choose to schedule you will be able to pay online and set the time and date of the appointment. 

The scheduling is two days out but we do allow quicker rushes, for which there is a small premium, great when you are in a pinch!  Likewise, if you are in no rush, you are entitled to a discount rate as this allows to schedule more effectively (which saves us money).

As an added social gesture, we are offering greatly discounted work to those under financial stress who may be under a great burden, like single parents and veterans. If you believe you have a case, let us know, we want to help share that burden. Just tell us your situation at

This tool is available NOW and we really believe that mortgage brokers will benefit from it. If you are on the phone with you client, take control and schedule the appraisal time and date online as you confirm their available and agreement on the phone. Then you know the appraisal is booked and there was NO waiting for the usual back and forth involved in setting appointment times. 

Here is a video by Jason Upton explaining how it works.

Try it next time you need an appraisal and let us know what you think!

You can try the the new appraisal right here.

Just click here to get you started.

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