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The App Changing Real Estate Practices

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Today apps are wonderful additions in our daily lives – on a personal or business level.

This app – CUBICASA – is of the business kind.

It was developed by two people in a small seaside town in northern Finland – Oulu – now a hotbed for innovative, creative, technical, innovations.

The city’s university has developed a history in computer vision and innovation.

CUBICASA is designed to upend parts of the service sector of the real estate industry.

Jason Upton

“The CUBICASA measuring application is one on many that are now being developed and released since smart phones are now featuring LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging),” says Jason Upton, President, Aedis Appraisals.

“This hardware capability combined with current artificial intelligence and machine learning means we can expect to see these applications evolve and improve EXTREMELY quickly.  We are now entering a technological era of exponential growth.”

The tape measure lasted a few hundred years, the laser measure lasted a few decades, the Matterport technology around one to two decades.

“This will probably change and evolve even more quickly,” he says.

“In addition to evolution, we will have choices. So appraisers, realtors and measurement services will be able to use the application and system that works best for them, their comfort level and their nuance. 

“The end result for the market will be more varied services, new services and much faster speed on product delivery,

“Simply put – it replaces the old-fashioned method of realtors, appraiser, going around in homes and buildings to measure floor space.

“Now the app will do it for them much more quickly and efficiently.”

And here is Jason showing us how it works.

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