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Aedis World – Two New Key Products – Metastate And Cryptocurrency

Over the last two years, the Aedis Network has been reengineering itself and finding it’s direction and focus, as many have over these difficult year.  The result of this “soul searching” is that we want to be able to offer a variety of real estate services in North America, cemented on organized, proven and reliable systems.

Aedis Appraisals has been a major part of our services from day one in 2008. The systems and formulas we have built there have led to over 65,000 accurate valuations since and led to the company growing geographically and expressively, predominantly at the request of our clients.

The sheer volume has enabled us to refine, grow and innovate our analytical perspectives, and now, with advances in technology and new trends in the real estate industry, we are planning the launch of multiple new exciting products and services.

Two of our new services are a newsletter and using cryptocurrency.

Jason Upton, Aedis Network Founder (left) and Wesley Scholl, Commonwealth Consulting (right)

While attending the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami Upton and ScholI
inked a deal for Aedis to accept cryptocurrency as payment by June 1.

Upton says “We believe this is the future for monetary transactions in the world and will be offering our clients discounts for making payments in cryptocurrency. We are extremely pleased to work with Wes and have him assist us in launching this.”

“As crypto currency becomes more popular, in demand and headed towards regulation, we know that this will be something that will appeal to our clients. The truth is, it also appeals to us as we also enjoy investing and trading in crypto so it’s a benefit for both sides”

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The newsletter has been created to share with you our progress, update you on what other global trends are taking place in this space and to get your feedback about what you like and would like to see.

We are incredibly excited about the future and know that we are at the dawn of a new age. Our goal is to shape a suite of services to help you navigate and master it.

What a time to be alive!

Jason Upton


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